OBIC Liner System

When it absolutely, positively must last.

OBIC Armor 1000 offers a fast, easy and cost-effective solution for repairing and preventing damage to municipal and industrial sewer and waterline systems. Made of a flexible polymer that is environmentally friendly, OBIC 1000 is spray applied and cures in minutes.

Unlike alternative rigid products, OBIC’s flexible polymers won’t crack under the pressure of temperature changes or heavy traffic. They are designed to be flexible enough to withstand the demands of the host structure, and durable enough to last for decades.

Typical installations include manhole, wet wells and pump stations, secondary containment, waterproofing, industrial coatings, food processing facilities and tank linings.
Why Choose OBIC 1000

• Excellent corrosion protection and chemical resistance
• Excellent impact resistance, even in sub-freezing weather
• Adheres extremely well to various properly prepared surfaces including metal, wood, concrete and fiber glass.
• High abrasion resistance for harsh environments
• Seamless monolithic waterproof membrane that is tough and durable
• Odorless, 100% solids
• USGBC LEED, EQ Credit 4: Low-emitting VOC Compliant Materials

Manhole Repair And Preservation

Most threats to manholes can be traced to the presence of hydrogen sulfide trapped in the system. This noxious gas takes up residence along the walls of a manhole, where it begins to erode the brick, mortar, and concrete construction. In time, hydrogen sulfide will eat away at the walls of the manhole.

Impervious to hydrogen sulfide, OBIC 1000 rehabilitates manholes damaged by its effects. It can also be used to protect newly constructed manholes.
OBIC 1000 is an ideal solution for:

• Rehabilitation and repair
• Leaks and intrusion
• Decay
• Replacing/filling-in missing concrete and damaged brick
• Preservation

Large Wastewater Structures Repair and Preservation

Hydrogen sulfide is the nemesis of all wastewater structures. The corrosive gas—along with methane, low oxygen and other acids—can attack and destroy concrete, brick and mortar. A total system for large wastewater structures, OBIC 1000 provides a corrosion-resistant liner that restores walls to their original surface levels while eliminating water infiltration and exfiltration. OBIC 1000 also protects newly constructed facilities from suffering a similar fate.
• Pump stations
• Lift stations/WWTPs
• Wet wells
• Headworks
• Grit chambers
• Clarifiers
• Aeration basins
• Chlorine contact chambers
• Large diameter pipe
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