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Advanced technology for underground infrastructure repair.

We offer environmentally sound, cure-in-place technologies for a wide variety of structures, surfaces, mechanical requirements and operating conditions. Our high-quality flexible liner systems are a cost-effective, no-dig alternative to the replacement of water, sewer, wastewater, holding systems, manholes, vaults and other components.

Our proven systems remediate infiltration and exfiltration, making operations more cost effective now and for decades to come. Let us show you how we can help your budget do more and go further. 


We are trained and experienced in the installation of OBIC liner systems. Each offers a range of advantages to repair and rehabilitate various structures and surfaces, while meeting specific mechanical and operating requirements. These solutions are cost-effective alternatives to excavation, reconstruction or complete replacement.


• CCTV Inspection
• Preventative Maintenance
• Trenchless Boring/Directional Drilling

The company you’ve counted on for spray liner systems can now handle your underground inspection needs.
  • "I wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased the City of Independence is with Obic Armor, Advanced Rehabilitation Technology and Midwest Infrastructure Coatings.

    Obic Armor 1000 we believe is far superior to any other manhole lining products available. Here in the Midwest where we have freeze/thaw cycles, the elongation of this product will keep the chimney and frame sealed to the cone elimination major points of infiltration. The SWAT testing of this product for H2S issues and the ten-year warranty with the installation date stamped in the chimney are two more reasons we chose this product over cementitious or epoxy lining.

    MIC has been great to work with. You always reply quickly to emails and phone calls. The two different crews I’ve worked with have been very professional, easy to work with and communication is great."
    Jeff Conway
    Superintendent, Sewer Maintenance Division
    City of Independence
  • "We have tried other materials from different manufacturers and different applicators that gave us sub-par results, we were looking for a long-term solution. That is why we chose Midwest Infrastructure Coatings over other competitors. The benefits that we are reaping from choosing Midwest are increased protection from H2s gas, currently no deterioration in coated manholes, increased visibility for visual inspections, and a ten-year warranty if ever needed.

    Asa was on site and informed us of where they were in the process and what their expectations were for each day. He also went to every location after the project was done to ensure our expectations were met and the work was done properly. Midwest was extremely efficient and finished the project ahead of schedule without compromising quality.

    We look forward to working with Midwest Infrastructure Coatings in the future."
    Robert Allison
    Owasso, OK Public Works
  • "We were introduced to MIC at the AWWWEA annual conference and were very impressed with the staff and the product they were offering. They agreed to come to our offices to give a presentation and we signed up immediately afterward. Some of the manholes that MIC has rehabilitated for us were older, troublesome manholes that were prone to regular root issues. Since having the Obic applied in these areas, sanitary sewer overflows have reduced dramatically in those areas. The structural integrity of those manholes has improved greatly as well, and even visibility during inspections is much better!

    The crews have always been easy to work with and do a wonderful job of minimizing the inconvenience the work has on the residents around the job sites. The crew was excellent about letting us know if they observed anything of concern at a job site and regularly updated us on their job progress.

    We hope to continue our relationship with MIC until all our older manholes have been treated and expect to use them in the future for any related needs."
    Sean Davis
    Huntsville, AR

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    10007 Marina Rd.
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