CCTV Inspection

The company you’ve counted on for spray liner systems can now handle your underground inspection needs. We offers closed circuit television inspections for manholes, sewer mains and more.
• GIS software that can update existing databases
• Lateral launching inspection and locating
• Mainline televising using closed-circuit color TV units
• Camera services for 6”-72” lines
• NASSCO certified PACP reporting software for defect coding
• PACP-certified operators
• Pan and tilt camera head for 360-degree rotation
• Smoke and dye testing

Preventative Maintenance

Let us flush out potential sewer issues before they turn into major problems. Our vacuum truck service includes sewer cleaning and inspections.

By participating in a preventative maintenance program, we can help identify potential problems and help you solve them before they cause costly infrastructure damage. Sewer repair and replacement costs continue to rise, making preventative maintenance a smart move today that will pay big dividends tomorrow.

Trenchless Boring/Directional Drilling

Have a new underground infrastructure project? Our highly-trained team offers turnkey installation from start to finish, or pipe installation only, depending on your needs and budget. We work with small and large pipe, up to 36 inches in diameter.
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